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How To: Twitter for Banks & Credit Unions

Everywhere you turn, it seems people are talking about Twitter. Sure, you hear a lot of hype about how “you need to get on Twitter!” But there isn’t much in the way of practical, actionable advice. Why is Twitter important? Who is using it? And what for? How do you get started? Find out in […]

A Great Campaign That Raises a Question of Social Media Ethics

Anyone with a dry sense of humor will love the “I Love Fees” campaign from Coast Capital Savings up in British Columbia. The tongue-in-cheek promotion makes fun of Canada’s big five banks for charging billions in fees every year. The campaign mocks a genre of ads that feature cheesy, cliché, slice-of-life moments. You know the […]

Results 2.0: Social Media for Financial Institutions

Recently, a bank sent this request out over Twitter: “Help us figure out what our new blog should be about. Please send suggestions.” More often than not, when financial institutions deploy Web 2.0 tools, it feels like a tactic searching for an excuse/strategy. They assume they need online social media before they even know what […]

Banks Build an Online Arcade, But Are Consumers Game?

In recent years, more and more banks have created interactive, Flash-based online games. There’s everything from throwing pies and floating balloons to classic driving games. But can banks make online games that are any good? What do people think when a bank tries to make its message fun by rolling out a game? Let’s take […]

Young & Free – South Carolina

South Carolina FCU joins two other credit unions running Young & Free from Currency Marketing. Here's what the campaign entails.

Families Transform Their Finances in ‘U-Turn Challenge’

First Tech Credit Union is about to announce which households will be participating in its U-Turn Challenge. In this social media contest, ten finalists will document their financial successes and challenges using blogs hosted at the credit union’s microsite. Selected households will compete for a $10,000 grand prize. The prize goes to the household that […]

BofA is on Twitter, So Why Aren’t You?

“I work for Bank of America and I’m here to help, listen, and learn from our customers in the Twitter community.” — David Knapp, BofA’s Twitter Representative Last Week, Bank of America launched a Twitter account, becoming the largest financial institution in the world using a social media tool for customer service. BofA joins a […]

Wells Fargo + Wachovia = 5th Blog for The Stagecoach

“We understand you are going to have questions and comments about what’s going on. That’s why we created this blog – for you, our customers.” — WF/Wachovia Blog “One team, twice as strong.” That’s the slogan on Wells Fargo’s latest online social media effort, The Wells Fargo – Wachovia Blog. Wells Fargo created the blog […]

A Gen-Y Firm for Credit Unions is ‘On Your Way’

“In most cases ‘On Your Way’ will pay for itself right away.” — On Your Way website The credit union industry can add one more firm to the list of companies specializing in Gen-Y marketing solutions. TBA Marketing is joining the ranks of vendors like PSCU Financial Services and Currency Marketing who are competing in […]

NAB’S UBank: A Cautionary Tale in Social Media

To support the launch of its new online self-service offering, UBank, NAB created a blog at myfuturebank.org. But the bank closed the blog earlier this month after one of its employees posted comments posing as a legitimate customer. At first, the impostor denied he was a bank employee, but forensic internet analysis proved that all […]

The Web 2.0 Make/Buy Decision

The NFL’s Colts might be able to get 10,000 fans at a website to a talk what they are deeply passionate about. It starts with social media.

Notably Quotable – Guess what they’re saying about you

“The culprit? Mountain America Credit Union. Check out the site, but don’t sign up to do business with them. At least if I lived in Utah I wouldn’t. Not after hearing about this horror story.” – Joseph “Dear Bank of America, your credit line is a scam!!! Bank of America will screw you, hide behind […]

Mo Banking Knowledge ‘On Your Internets’

Mo Rocca, a comedian and political satirist of some success, plays a man-on-the-street character in one of Bank of America’s latest promotions, “Mo on Banking.” In a series of online videos at a microsite, Mo reports wryly on banking topics, including this tidbit from the intro video: “Join me, Mo Rocca, as I dump a […]

Facebook + Financial Institution = Friends?

“A buttoned-down organization trying to look hip is like a 50-year-old drunk uncle at a wedding trying to dance with teenagers.” — Charlotte Observer An article in the Sunday edition of the Charlotte Observer entitled “Your Bank Wants to Be Your Friend” takes a skeptical look at financial institutions as they attempt to carve a […]

Credit union video contest for $2,000 scholarship

As financial institutions across the country make announcements about their 2008 scholarship initiatives, Tinker Federal Credit Union is taking a unique approach by having an online video contest. The concept is simple: Think about what money means to you. Show us any way you want in a video you make yourself. Upload your video for […]