Who’s Online? It May Surprise You

Speaking on a panel at Forrester’s Finance Forum yesterday, Andrew Salesky, SVP of Client Web Services at Charles Schwab said:

Everyone thinks that the younger the consumer, the more likely they are to be online. We find that the more affluent they are, the more likely they are to go online.”

This is a lesson for a lot of financial firms trying to solidify their [often tenuous] relationships with the older affluent and mass affluent boomers.

Use of the Web is also increasingly important to seniors and new retirees.

Marketers often fall into the trap of thinking that older consumers are set in their ways and habits. That’s true — to a certain extent. But when they retire, many people seek out new experiences and look to develop new skills — like using technologies that they never had time to learn while they were working.

You can teach [us] old dogs new tricks.

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