Who Benefits From Blogging?

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Most of my blog posts are expressions of my opinion about something. Not this one. Instead, I’d like to get your opinions (well, it’s not that I don’t want your opinions on other posts, that’s not what I meant).

After seeing the list of credit union employees who blog on the Currency Marketing site, I got to wondering: Does the credit union itself generate any good will from its members and prospects as a result of the employee’s blog?

Closer to home (well, this is my blog), I can’t help but wonder if my employer benefits in any way as a result of my blog.

I’m hoping that whoever comes across this post won’t mind taking a minute and letting me know (honestly):

  1. Do you know who I work for? (Do you care?)
  2. If you knew of the firm I work for before you read this blog, has your opinion of the firm changed as a result?
  3. In your opinion, does this blog contribute to my employer’s brand, even though I make no explicit mention of the firm in the blog’s title or header?

Thanks in advance for answering, and please: Be brutally honest.

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