Who Are You Going To Vote For?

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No, not that election. This one. The contest for who gets to present at the upcoming Forum Symposium conference in October.

Here are your choices:

  • The Vendor. Andrew Taylor, CEO of Jwaala will certainly have something interesting things to say about how CUs can leverage PFM tools and approaches to improve member relationships.
  • The Director. As a member of the board of directors at UFirst CU in upstate NY — and a blogger herself — Ginny Brady brings an interesting perspective to the conference.
  • The Loop. The CU Loop, that is. Also known as Andy LaFlamme from Maine State Credit Union. Which you’ll never see — because you can’t get there from here.
  • The Warrior. Matt Davis, from Members CU in NC, promises to bring his own brand of thought exhibitionism to the conference. And get Shevlinated in return.

But seriously, this is an important decision, so please vote.

It’s important for the attendees: They’ll only get to hear one of the candidates present. And it’s important to the candidates, as well: The losers will be flown to Fishers, IN and forced to watch the conference looking in through a window from the outside. (I’m just kidding, but now that I give it further thought, it’s not sounding like such a bad idea)

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