What The Social Media World Needs Now

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Twitter is slowly collapsing under the weight of the growing social media world. That this should happen is no surprise. What will happen next shouldn’t come as a surprise either. The history of business repeats itself over and over: General, all-purpose products and services slowly give way to targeted, segmented offerings.

That’s why I see a migration away from Twitter to a number of new highly specialized “micro-blogging” platforms. The platforms won’t be oriented along traditional segmentation lines — i.e., type of customer — instead, they will specialize by type of message.

Expect to see the following micro-blogging platforms emerge in the near future:

  • Bitter: For those whiny, emo messages where you just have to complain about something.
  • Mutter: For those incoherent messages that no one can understand.
  • Jitter: For those useless, caffeine-induced “I’m at Starbucks” messages.
  • Quitter: For those messages that say “OK, I’m heading home now.”
  • Gutter: For messages that contain curse words.

I imagine that there will be a few more, but my strategy will be to hang around Twitter and wait for everybody else to leave.

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