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For the life of me I don’t understand why more firms don’t do what Hamilton Community Credit Union did.

Towards the end of May, Hamilton CU published a post on its blog which alerted its members to the CU’s planned site redesign, to be launched on June 6th. The post included screen shots from the yet-to-be released site. The post also described some of the new features.

This is such a no-brainer thing to do — whether you alert customers to the new design in your blog or on the existing site itself. If the site redesign is good, then yes, people will love the new site. But they will HATE being surprised by a new look and feel on the first day of the new release, no matter how good the new site is, or how bad the old site was.

I hate to bite the hand that feeds me (i.e., my free WordPress blog), but WordPress is guilty of not following this best practice, and it drives me crazy. I hate coming to my site and seeing pop-ups windows when I mouse over a link, seeing some weird icon associated with my comments, or automatically generated links (that are completely irrelevant) at the end of my posts.

Listen up, site designers — take a look at what Hamilton CU did. And do it too.

p.s. Somehow I’m not surprised that a Canadian credit union that blogs is propagating this best practice.

Thanks to The Financial Brand for the heads up.

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