Two Types Of Bloggers

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There are two types of bloggers: Those who think there are two types of bloggers, and those of us who know better.

No, really, there are two types of bloggers: Those who don’t post nearly enough, and the rest of us.

Among the former are:

  • Marketing Geek. I don’t know much about Michael Fassnacht other than what it says on his Blogger profile. What I do know is that when he posts, I read. A recent post on attribution modeling is one of those posts that makes me think “damn! I wish I had said that.” He pretty much hadn’t posted anything on his site between April and the end of July. I hope he doesn’t go on hiatus like that again.
  • Tinfoiling. This blog is like a window into the thoughts of someone I respect personally and professionally. There’s something about Gene Blishen’s blog posts that just put me in the right state of mind. It must be the association I make between Gene and what I imagine to be the picturesque little area of Burnaby Mountain, with Thoreau and Walden Pond. For some reason, though, I imagine Mt. Lehman Credit Union to be the perfect setting for a sitcom. I don’t why I said that.

p.s. There are really three types of bloggers: Those who don’t post enough, those who post just enough, and attention-starved bloggers who feel the need to post three times a day. Buy me a drink — no, make that a few — and I’ll tell you who they are.

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