The Top 10 Blog Posts I’d Most Like To See

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10. The Five “E”s of Customer Experience: CustomEr ExpEriEncE

9. I Had A Bad Customer Experience And There Isn’t Anything Any Other Firm Could Learn From It

8. Stop Trying To Be a Game Changer and Start Making Money From The F***ing Game You’re Already Playing

7. How Zappos Screwed Up My Order and Why I’ll Never Order From Them Again For The Rest of My Life

6. The ROI of Not Doing Social Media

5. The Horrible, Horrible, Nasty Things That Happen To People That Tweet Their Foursquare Check-ins

4. New Studies Show Excessive Tweeting Can Cause Blindness

3. Treat Your Customers Like Sh*t And Still Make A Fortune: Management Secrets from the Airline Industry

2. New Studies Challenge Gen Yers’ Self-Perceptions and Find That Gen Yers ARE JUST LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE

And the #1 blog post I’d most like to see:

1. Why Everyone Should Read The Snarketing Column on The Financial Brand

What’s on your list?

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