The End Of The Story

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Remember the Bill Cosby Show (the one where he played Dr. Huxtable)?

There was a scene in that show that I’ve never forgotten. Cosby is talking to his son and tells him: “I brought you into this world — and I can take you out of it.” 

That’s exactly how I feel about this blog. I brought it into this world, and I can take it out of it. And that’s exactly what I’m planning to do.

This Friday will mark two years to the day that I published this blog’s first post. I did so having made a commitment to myself that I would create a great blog — one that would become a Top 10 Marketing blog.

Not that I had any idea what that really meant. I had no idea what Technorati was, no idea if there was a list of top marketing blogs, and actually had no idea what the top marketing blogs were. When I started this blog two years ago, I wasn’t even reading any blogs.

Needless to say, I failed miserably in achieving my goal. 

And thank God for that. Because if I had really wanted this to become a top 10 blog I would had to have written about a lot of things that I don’t really care about writing about. 

And had I done that, I would have failed at achieving what ultimately was the best outcome of writing this blog: Meeting a lot of people I wouldn’t have met otherwise.  (And that’s why, if you’ve ever contemplated whether or not to create your own blog, you should do so. Forget about all this “personal branding” stuff).

But I did live up to my commitment. In two years, I’ve published 360 posts — one every other day. And I can assure you that a helluva lot of time and effort went into creating those posts. In fact, probably too much time and effort.

And I just can’t maintain that level of time, effort, and — most importantly — the required level of mental energy.

So I’ve decided to commit premeditated blogicide. (Premeditated because I’ve thinking about doing this for a couple of months now). I’m killing this blog. 

Just as I made a commitment to writing this blog, I realize that I will need to make a commitment to not writing it. I’m sure that every day there will be things that will happen, or that I will read about, that will make me want to blog about it. And I’m making a commitment to not write about it. 

If it’s worthy enough, I’ll write it as an Aite Group alert note (which, if you’re interested, is available for free even to non-Aite Group clients). But I’m not going to write about here.

End of post.

End of blog.

Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile.

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