The Best Time To Tweet

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Do you hold back from tweeting a tweet because you’re afraid it’s the “wrong time” — worried that not enough of your followers will see your tweet?

If you do, you might be interested in an article on MarketingVox titled When Is The Best Time To Tweet? The article pulls together some recommendations for the optimal time to tweet from sources like Social Media Guide and Guy Kawasaki. Here are my reactions to some of the recommendations:

  • The Social Media Guide recommends tweeting at 9AM PT because you hit the west coast as they’re getting in to work, the east coast as they’re taking a lunch break, and England at the end of their day. My take: Won’t work. Everybody knows folks on the west coast don’t get into work until 10AM PT (if at all) and the Brits have bolted by 4:30 in the afternoon.
  • SM Guide also suggests using Tweet O’Clock to determine the best time to tweet a particular individual. My take: If you want a particular person to see your tweet, put their Twitter ID in the tweet, or — better yet — DM them. Duh.
  • Guy Kawasaki says don’t worry about tweeting too many times — send important tweets at least four times at 8 to 12 hour intervals. My take: If you don’t mind being nicknamed “Spammy Sammy”, then, by all means, follow Kawasaki’s advice.
  • Predictive Marketing concluded that “each business has a unique set of followers with their own Twitter ‘time fingerprint’.” PM went on to recommend that marketers should “track [their] followers to see when they are most active.” My take: If you’re an individual with 100 followers, maybe this advice is feasible. But for a business with 10,000+ followers, doing this is practically impossible, but more importantly — it’s a complete waste of time, effort and resources.

Personally, I can only conclude that the best time to tweet is……right now.

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