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Think about your favorite movie or book for a moment.

Chances are you were deeply engrossed in it, and could have watched it, or read it, for twice as long as you did.

And chances are it didn’t follow some pre-canned set of rules for what a movie or book should be.

But, now, along comes a couple of architects who think that business presentations should follow some ridiculous structure: Exactly 20 slides displayed for 20 seconds.

What an incredibly dumb idea. First off, if I have three bullets on a slide, and I build them one by one, is that one slide or three slides?

It doesn’t matter. Pecha kucha doesn’t solve the root of the problem that makes so many business presentations unbearingly boring: The content sucks.

Divvying up lousy content into 20 slides, for which you get 20 seconds to present, doesn’t fix the problem.

And if the content is great, then force-fitting it into 20 slides @ 20 seconds each is likely to diminish — not enhance — it’s effectiveness.

Want to improve your business presentations? It’s simple: Tell a great story, keep it simple, and know your transitions.

Pecha kucha may be Japanese for “chatter”, but it’s Shevlinese for “bad idea.”

(Sorry, Jeff).

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