Subliminal Messages

A recent article on MarketingProfs on the “wrongheaded claims against advertising” asserts that:

Subliminal advertising, the alleged ability to motivate action with messages that are below are threshold of perception, doesn’t exist. Explicit, above-threshold messages in advertisements are what sell; hidden, muffled, or unperceivable messages do not.”

Oh really? Well, it turns out that…

Research done by Bahador Bahrami
Of the University College London has found
New evidence that invisible images attract the brain’s attention at a
Subconscious level. These findings challenge long-held
Hypotheses about consciousness. Apparently, we see things we’re not
Even aware of. There’s a brain response in the primary
Visual cortex to subliminal images. I guess the brain takes in a
Lot of things we’re not even aware of.
It’s exciting to see
New research come out on this topic.

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