Speakers Wanted For [One Of] The World’s Best Credit Union Conference[s]

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The two best credit union-related conferences in the world are the CUES Experience conference (being held this week in Minneapolis) and the Forum/Trabian Symposium, slated for October.

They’re not the best conferences because I’ll be there. I go there because they’re the best conferences.

The speaker roster for the Forum/Trabian conference is almost full. There’s one speaking slot open — and it will be filled by whomever wins an video audition. To date, two entries have been submitted.

At the risk of ticking off the two entrants — Ginny Brady and Andy LaFlamme — I’m putting out this call to enlist more candidates.

It’s not that I wouldn’t love to see either of the two (or both) of them speaking at the conference. Instead, it’s because I know that there a lot of people in credit union land doing innovative things that the Symposium attendees would love to hear about and discuss.

And if you’re a vendor, look, you could spend $10k to secure a speaking slot at some CU conference that might attract 250-500 people who couldn’t care less about your presentation because they’re only at the conference because it’s at some fancy schmancy resort.

Or you could submit your audition video, and get a shot to present to 125-150 (or more, since this was last year’s attendance count) CU decision makers who go to the conference to learn, network, and share (not that Fishers, IN isn’t a fancy schmancy place to go). And it won’t cost you anything more than your travel costs.

You’ve got until the end of June to submit your audition tape. Actually, I don’t think you even need to submit it. Create it, put it up on your blog or on YouTube, and I’ll betcha $5 the folks at Forum or Trabian will hear about it one way or another.

C’mon! There are a few of you out there who I’m thinking should be submitting something here. Don’t make me call you out by name.

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