Social Netiquette

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Josh Bernoff wrote an interesting guest post for Advertising Age yesterday on Social Netiquette. His answers to some important questions regarding social netiquette were spot on.

But I think his answers aren’t the only right answers. Here’s my take.

When you get home from a job interview should you immediately invite the interviewer to connect on LinkedIn?

Totally depends on how many contacts s/he has. More than 500 (and they’re visible), then YES, by all means. He or she likely knows other people you can hit up for a job. If the interviewer posts inappropriate pictures of him/herself on their Facebook page, then absolutely invite them to connect — they may know somebody you can hit up for a date.

On Twitter, how often should you link to articles vs. make a statement?

This depends on two things. First, what kind of personal brand are you trying to create on Twitter? Some of my Twitter contacts come off as trying to be the encyclopedia of all things hip and cool to our Twitter community. If this is your goal, then 99% of your tweets should be links to articles. If that’s not your desired personal brand, then there’s another question you have to address: Do you have any worthwhile statements to make besides what you had for breakfast? If not, then feel free to frequently make statements — between 1AM and 5AM EST when I’m generally not on Twitter.

People on Twitter posting about their company services “our company does X, we’d love to work with you,” [is it] out of context?

If you run an escort service, this is TOTALLY appropriate. Any other type of business, no.

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