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We are proud to announce that Ron Shevlin's blog "Snarketing" will now be published as part of The Financial Brand.

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Since 2007 when The Financial Brand was launched, we’ve seen a number of blogs in the financial industry come and go. In fact, if you look through the directory of blogs The Financial Brand used to maintain, you’ll see that roughly half have been discontinued or abandoned.

A handful have flourished. The blog published by Ron Shevlin is one such standout. Ron Shevlin has been a marketing consultant for more than 25 years, working with the leading financial services, consumer products, retail, and manufacturing firms in the world. He is currently a senior analyst at Aite Group where he specializes in retail banking issues.

Ron was one of the financial industry’s earliest pioneers into the blogosphere, launching his first blog back in 2006. Since then, Ron has penned over 1,000 posts on a wide range of topics including sales and marketing technologies, customer and marketing analytics, social media, customer experience and consumer behavior — all with an uncommon level of insight, a refreshingly honest perspective, and an uncanny sense of wit. His blog has been ranked by you — the readers of The Financial Brand — as one of the top two most popular online banking publications for two years running.

I’ve personally been reading Ron’s musings since 2007, and have been proud to count him among my closest professional friends for many years now. Ron has also written The Financial Brand annual “State of Bank & Credit Union Marketing” report for The Financial Brand for the last few years. The respect I have for Ron’s intellect is immeasurable; he is, quite simply, one of the smartest people I’ve ever met.

Now, it is a tremendous honor to announce that Ron will be publishing his “Snarketing” blog here at The Financial Brand. We are deeply humbled and equally excited that Ron has agreed to make The Financial Brand his new editorial home.

In the Spring of 2014, the esteemed Jim Marous also moved his blog to The Financial Brand, where he currently publishes the Retail Banking Strategies section of the site. Today, The Financial Brand is exceedingly privileged to count three of the banking industry’s sharpest minds among the site’s publishing core: Ron Shevlin, Jim Marous and Rob Rubin, who shares a wealth of information about checking and switching behaviors in his weekly column.

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fbf2014_shevlinRon Shevlin seen here addressing attendees at The Financial Brand Forum 2014.

We have already migrated everything in Ron’s sprawling collection of articles (1,009 total). You should definitely spend some time poking around his archive, because there is a mountain of invaluable strategic insight waiting for you. And dagnabbit, he’s just fun to read.

Ron concentrates his writing in the financial services space, but his posts aren’t always deep and serious. Here’s a good mix of material to give you an idea of what you can expect from Ron:

If you currently subscribe to Ron’s “Snarketing” blog via email, we’ll be transferring those subscriptions over as well.

You can leave a message of congratulations for Ron in a comment below, or send him an email. You can also follow Ron on Twitter. Please extend him a warm welcome.

Most sincerely,

Jeffry Pilcher
The Financial Brand

P.S – If there are any current “Snarketing” readers wondering whether this move to The Financial Brand will impact Ron’s voice or tone, the answer is a resounding “no.” The Financial Brand has no editorial control or input over what Ron says or publishes, nor is there any kind of approval process. There won’t be any conflicts between advertising and editorial because we haven’t told Ron who any of the site’s advertisers are in 2015, nor are their plans to. We wouldn’t be taking Ron on board if we intended to squelch his unique approach and style — that’s what we love about him. You can count on Ron to be as snarky as ever 😉

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