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Shameless plugs for upcoming events you should be at:

BarCampBankNE. April 5 at America’s Credit Union Museum in Manchester, NH. The un-conference conference. I’m really looking forward to finally participating in one of these. Wondering if I’ll be able to contain my tendencies toward being overtly opinionated and confrontational. We’ve got 12 people registered so far — I’m sure there’s room for more.

Finovate. April 29 in San Francisco. Thirty-eight firms exhibiting, two spots left. I have no doubt that Jim Bruene will fill those spots — and every one of the seats reserved for attendees. If you’re attending, please let me know. There’s something going in SF that night that I’m planning to go (and really excited about) — wanted to see if I could round up a few people to go to this with me.

CUES Experience. May 13-16 in Minneapolis. Yes, it starts to get warm in Minneapolis by mid-May. Which doesn’t matter, because the speaker list and agenda on this conference is hot. Highlights: Off-site visits to Pixel Farm Interactive, Summit Brewing Company, and Minnesota Twins. Also to the Mall of America, but I’m not sure how that won’t become a shopping excursion.

Forum CU/Trabian Partnership Symposium. October 1-2 in Fishers, IN. The 2007 Partnership Symposium was so good that I begged Forum to let me come this year. They’re letting me host, which means interviewing speakers after their presentation, facilitating discussion, making sure things stay on track (or not, if that’s better). I promise there will be no “[email protected]” like sessions here! This conference will include the unveiling of the CU Skeptic. I’m hoping I can be the one to pull the bag off his head.

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