One Small Step For The Credit Card Industry

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Mintel Comperemedia reported that more than 9.2 billion credit card-related direct mail pieces were sent to US consumers in 2006.

So let’s see here…if each piece was, on average, one and a half inches high…and we stacked them all up, they’d reach 217,803 miles into the air…

Or 91% of the way to the moon.

Just 900 million more pieces in 2007, and we reach the moon. One small step for the credit card industry….

UPDATE: What was I thinking? The average envelope is nowhere near 1.5 inches high. Ok… look at it this way… the average envelope is 9.5 inches long. If each direct mail piece was laid end to end… it would wrap around the earth 55 times. And one more thing as long I’m updating this: Of the 9.2 billion pieces that were sent out last year… I think 9.2 million of them came to me alone.

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