Off-Topic: What Would You Have Said?

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Mom called the other day to tell us about hers and Dad’s trip out to Utah. They flew back to Ft. Lauderdale from Las Vegas. Guess which flight they were on?

Right — the one with OJ.

My mother said that, as she boarded, there was OJ sitting in the aisle bulkhead seat. They made eye contact, she nodded, he said “ma’am”, and my mother said…..”howdy.” OJ replied, “are you from Utah?” and my mother said “no, Florida by way of New York,” and continued down the aisle to her seat.

Now for a woman born and raised in New York, this might have been the first time in her life that she ever said the word “howdy.” It got me wondering: What would I have said to OJ? What would you have said?

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