Off-Topic: Announcing The I Hate You Registry

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The Do-Not-Call and Do-Not-Mail registries sound like good ideas, but they’re really not. They reflect misplaced anger. There is nothing inherently wrong with the phone, mail, or email as marketing channels.

The problem is how marketers use them.

But by creating Do-Not-[Use This Channel To Market To Prospects and Customers] registries, we punish the channel.

So here’s my proposal: The I Hate You registry.

Consumers send in their list of firms they hate — the ones they’ll never accept an offer from (short of having a gun pointed at their heads).

Example: I got a Dividend Miles credit card offer from US Airways yesterday. Why? Probably because I have a great credit score and I flew them in the past 2 months. But I don’t need nor want another credit card, and the only reason I flew US Air was because no one else flew to where I was going.

I don’t do business with US Air because I want to, but because I have to. I hate US Air (years of problems with them have created that feeling, you don’t want to hear about that — unless you’re a psychiatrist).

So US Air would likely be one of the first firms I submit to the I Hate You registry.

Here’s the funny thing about the registry: It’s probably more of a benefit to marketers than consumers.

By suppressing offers to customers and prospects that hate them, firms will save on marketing costs, and increase the response rates on their marketing campaigns.

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