My New Year's Resolutions: Being A Pro In 2011

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I really don’t care if you read this list or like this list. It isn’t for you. It’s simply out there so I can remember what the hell it is I want to accomplish in 2011. Well, accomplish is too strong a word. But it’s my resolutions for 2011. Screw Andy Janning, I am going to try to improve myself in 2011.

Here are my resolutions for 2011, and they’re all about being a “pro” in 2011:

1. Be more proactive. About business opportunities, about connecting with people, with everything. Less reactive, more proactive.

2. Be more productive. I will multitask less, and get more done in 2011.

Now to be perfectly honest, the first two were easy to come up with. I knew I had to improve on those things. But to force-fit other resolutions into the completely corny, artificial, and useless “pro” construct I’ve set up for myself, I had to search for other words that begin with “pro.”

I decided to leave profuse and profane off the list (I’m already pretty good at that, if I say so myself). Proficient? Nah. Professorial? Hell no. Professional and profitable are outcomes — they should come as result of delivering on my resolutions. Progressive? Too late for that. Prolegomenous? I’m doing that right now. Promotable? That’s something you are as a result of doing other things (and I gave up on that a long time ago). Prophetic? Ugh. Prolific? Same as productive. Profligate? See #2 above. After some word- and soul- searching, I came up with my third resolution:

3. Eat more prosciutto. OK, so I’m setting the bar kind of low here. But I figure that first off, I’ll enjoy trying to fulfill this resolution, and second, I really think I can deliver on this one. Haven’t been able to deliver on the first two in 25 years in the work force, not sure what delusion is overcoming me now into thinking I’ll accomplish them in 2011.

Thanks for reading in 2010. Have a good New Year’s.



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