My Influence Is Growing (Like Pinocchio’s Nose)

The Creative Group released the results of a survey in which they asked advertising and marketing executives: Do you believe the influence a company’s marketing professionals have on business decisions has increased or decreased in the last three years? They found that:

Although the recession has hit many marketing departments hard, there is some good news for those in the creative industry:  61% of marketing and advertising executives interviewed said marketing teams have greater influence on business decisions than they did three years ago. This compares to 23% who believe marketing professionals hold less sway.”

Let me see if I have this right. They asked advertising and marketing execs if they — the advertising and marketing execs — have had more influence on business decisions?

Maybe it’s me, but don’t you think they should have asked….oh, I don’t know….the CEOs and CFOs of firms if marketing has had more influence?

Furthermore, the way the question was worded, they weren’t even asking if they — the advertising and marketing execs — have had more influence on business decisions in their own firms, but about marketing professionals in general.

So what can we make of the results? Were the 23% who said marketing has had less sway admitting that they have had less influence? And are the 61% who said marketing has had more influence reflecting first-hand, intimate knowledge of what goes on in other firms?

I don’t know. What I do know is that I’m quite sure that my own influence grows with every blog post I write. Of that, I’m quite sure.

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