Money In The Bank

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If you haven’t voted in the Young & Free “Money In The Bank” contest yet, please watch the video below, go to the Young & Free site, and vote for #6.

I had the opportunity to interview the stars of the video, K-Dawg and Lil’ K.

Marketing Tea Party (MTP): Why did you do the Money In The Bank video?

K-Dawg: Lil’ K and I are strong believers in the credit union movement, and we wanted to use our influence within the Gen Y community to get the word out about credit unions.

Lil’ K: We wanted to win the iPad, you fool.

MTP: Are “K-Dawg” and “Lil’ K” your real names?

K-Dawg: What are you, stupid?

MTP: Which of the two of you wrote the lyrics to “Money In The Bank”?

Lil’ K: Wasn’t me. My mom wouldn’t let me waste my time on stuff like that.

K-Dawg: Yeah, we got us a team of writers who write our music for us.

MTP: Did you guys watch any of the other entries to the contest?

K-Dawg and Lil’ K: YES! SOPHIA IS SO CUTE!!!!

Now go vote.

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