Miracles Can Happen

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A study from Pear Analytics revealed that 40.55% of tweets are “pointless babble.”   In addition to those tweets, the report claimed, 5.85% of tweets are self-promotional, while another 3.75% are just flat out spam (I’m sure that taking it out to two decimal places lends more credibility to the statistic).

So imagine my excitement when I saw a blog post titled Nineteen Free Twitter Tools that Turn Tweets into Knowledge.

I can’t tell you how long I’ve waited for a tool that could turn my Twitter buddies’ useless babble, self-promotional crap, and spamtweets into knowledge. (I’m pretty confident that my own tweets were categorized as “conversational”, so I can’t imagine these tools will have much impact on what I tweet).

I don’t know how these tools work, but it just goes to show how amazing technology is. Think about it: Sixteen (or more) years of formal education couldn’t help turn what many people say into something intelligible, but thanks to technological advancements, gibberish can now be transformed into knowledge.

And who said miracles can’t happen?

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