Mind-boggingly Stupid

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The following YouTube video is the reason this blog was created. To root out mind-boggingly stupid marketing ideas, make fun of them, then join hands and pray that they will go away. I’m somewhat hesitant to ask you to waste six minutes of your life watching it.

I do have to give credit to the woman in the video for being able to throw 25 buzzwords into this short 6 minute clip. The point of the clip is to define a new way of calculating ROI — return on influence, not return on investment.

Never mind the fact that she doesn’t define the term influence. She also fails to understand that the concept of “return on something” implies measuring the output produced, or caused by, an input.

There’s not a lot more to say about it (other than to reiterate how mind-boggingly stupid it is), and I certainly can’t add to the brilliant smackdown that Anna O’Brien delivered on her blog (which you absolutely should read).

Thanks to Jim Novo for pointing out Anna’s blog post to me.

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