Milestones: 100 Snarketing Posts and 100 More To Go

Back in June 1980, I was out in Boulder, CO to see a couple of Grateful Dead shows that were billed as the “15th anniversary concerts.” Bob Weir was interviewed on a local radio station and asked what significance the 15th anniversary held to him and the rest of the band. He said:

It doesn’t mean anything to us. We’ve been playing for 15 years, we’ll play for 15 more.”

[What’s eerie is that he was right — almost to the day]

What does this have to do with this blog? Nothing, really. Except that my last post was the 100th post of this blog. And as I thought about what that meant, I realized that it didn’t mean anything.

I’ve posted 100 entries, I’ll post 100 more.

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