Marketing's High-Wire Act: Political Tightroping

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Nobody likes someone who says “I told you so.”

But I don’t really give a flying fig whether you like me or not. My job is to tell you how it is, how it’s going to be, and what to do about it.

So hate me if you will, but…I TOLD YOU SO.

Back on January 2 of this year, in a post titled Two Marketing Imperatives For 2012, I wrote about something I called “political tightroping”:

“Like it or not, this is a very polarized time in our history. Unfortunately for marketers, they can’t afford to be on the “wrong” side of the fence.  Marketers have to be extremely careful in 2012 who their firm supports in political races and which proposed policies and regulations they support or oppose.Marketers need to re-evaluate who they use as spokespeople, in order to avoid embarrassing situations like having idiots like Alec Baldwin bite the hands that feed them.”

A number of incidents this year proved this out:

Chick-fil-A got found itself in hot water after one of its senior execs publicly opposed same-sex marriage. Although attempts to create a boycott of the company failed, the incident caused marketing and PR headaches for the company.



Papa John

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