Marketing Whims For 3/23

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Apparently, Sony wants customers to pay $50 to remove “crapware” from its TZ2000 PC before they take delivery of it.

My take: I missed the announcement that Sony had hired a former bank executive to run marketing.


DM News reports that “lingerie retailer YumDrop has selected social commerce services firm PowerReviews to power customer reviews on its e-commerce site.”

My take: Online lingerie buyers don’t want customer reviews — they want customer pictures. But that’s just my guess.


Target Marketing’s annual survey of marketers revealed that direct mail delivers the strongest ROI for customer acquisition and second strongest ROI for customer retention (behind email).

My take: The direct mail-naysayers can take all the potshots they want — the marketing community has spoken. I would, however, like to see Target Marketing add WOM marketing and social media to their list of methods next year. Cumbaya marketing — the darling of some of you (you know who you are) — didn’t make the list this year, and hopefully never will.


Amtrak sent me (and the other 117 people who mindlessly didn’t opt-out) an email informing me that May 10th is National Train Day. Apparently, there will be raffle drawings, concerts, and activities for the whole family.

My take: Sales of your product or service flagging? Declare a public holiday around it! This could be a boon for financial services firms. I think we can solve the credit crisis by making June 23 National Refinance-Your-Mortgage Day. And let’s make July 17 National Apply-For-A-Credit-Card Day. Side benefit: Card issuers could save billions of dollars by not having to send direct mail offers the rest of the year!

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