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I’m at my company’s annual customer symposium at the Biltmore in Miami, and just heard Seth Godin present. Very entertaining, of course, but one thing, in particular, really resonated with me. Something that gives me more fodder for arguing against the Net Promoter Score mania gripping many firms.

Seth may have identified other rules, but rule #1 for marketers was “make something worth talking about.” This is what the NPS groupies are ignoring by obsessing over how many customer will refer them:

Is their firm offering a product or service worth referring?

I realize there’s a high correlation between NPS and future purchase intention. But does your firm really need to invest millions of dollars in an infrastructure to measure referral likelihood? Or would you rather invest some of that money to know what might drive referrals in the first place?

You’d have a better chance at knowing this if you invested in understanding customer expectations, and not referral likelihood.

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