Just One Post (Dot Com)

Seth Godin writes:

A lot people have blogs. But most people don’t. I think you should. Even if you only have one post in you.”

Problem is, if you create a blog for just one post, who’s going to see it?

What those UniBloggers need is a centralized blog called JustOnePost.com. Anybody who doesn’t already have a blog, but who wants to post one — and only one — entry, can do so on this site. With a centralized blog for all the one-time bloggers, it’s more likely to reach a wider range of readers.

It should be easy to determine whether or not a submitter has an existing blog (in which case the entry will be rejected), and to establish rules regarding linking to other sites and/or blogs (to avoid rampant commercialism).

And if someone like Seth Godin mentions it — if not links to it — on his blog, it just might get the publicity it needs to get jump-started.

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