Interesting Phishing Attempt

I received the following phishing attempt a few days ago:

Dear NCUA Credit Union Member,

Recently, there have been multiple e-mail fraud attempts, known as “Phishing”, that were initiated via e-mail sent to both the general public and some credit union members, that appeared to be from NCUA. This false e-mail asked for the recipient to click on a link to verify their credit union account registration. If the recipient proceeded to do so, the link directed them to a false website and asked for their credit union account number and PIN, along with other personal information.

The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) and US Government developed a project to protect your bank account and credit card against internet fraud, but for this we need your help. You just have to register with us. This project is optional, but we strongly recommand you to register with us. Activating the protection and safeguarding your credit card will charge you 0.0
Click the link bellow to start your session: (nothing).

Protection will be activated within 20 minutes after you fill in the form with your information. Please remember the protection number you will receive, it may be required when using internet banking. Thank you for helping us by registering here!

Best Regards,
National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) Department.

The sender was ostensibly CUNA, yet it was “signed” by the NCUA (who I don’t believe considers itself a “department”). What’s interesting here is that the perpetrator isn’t even pretending to be a financial institution, but a regulatory board. A phishing attempt that purports to educate the victim about phishing!

By the way, in the unlikely event that this is a legitimate email, I would just like to let CUNA or NCUA know that “recommand” is misspelled — it’s “recommend.”

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