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The Wall Street Journal ran an article called Three Best Ways to Improve Your Online Reputation. The paper’s advice is to: 1) Reach out immediately to dissatisfied reviewers; 2) Flood search engines with content you can control; and 3) Appeal to bloggers to review your company or your product.

Hmmm. Are these the three “best” ways to improve your online reputation? I don’t think so. Here are three better ways to do it:

  • Perpetrate identify theft against negative reviewers. That’ll teach people not to mess with you.
  • Post negative reviews on competitors’ sites. Reputation is relative. If your competitors are perceived to be bigger jerks than you’re perceived to be, your reputation is protected.
  • Pay bloggers to say good things about you. Bloggers are self-absorbed, egotistical jerks. You can’t “appeal” to us them for anything.

On the little more serious side, the WSJ’s advice on online reputation is questionable, at best.

What happened to striving to be authentic and transparent? Does the paper’s advice live up to those criteria? No way.

One commenter on the WSJ article put it best when he said:

I particularly enjoy solution #2 – merely “drown out” bad reviews. Because clearly, that’s easier than providing excellent service and/or products.”

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