How To Get Your Entire Company On Board With Social Media

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Ewww. I feel so dirty. I should go take a shower. The title of this post is so sleazy. If you want to accuse me of link baiting and pandering, go ahead — I deserve it. 

But, to my feeble defense, I’m just paraphrasing the title of a post on Social Media Examiner titled 5 Ways to Get Your Entire Company On Board With Social Media.

In the post, the author describes five things you can do to address the “biggest reasons for social media failure,” namely (according to the author) the “lack of top-to-bottom ‘buy-in’ from all employees in a company.” SME list five “ideas for achieving complete social media buy-in from all employees:”

#1: Someone Must Take the Lead
#2: Educate Via an Event
#3: Encourage Employee Action
#4: Create a Company Social Media Newsletter
#5: Continue Training and Education

My take: What a total, utter, and complete load of BS.

If you do these five things, here’s what I can guarantee you: Someone in your organization (hopefully, for your sake, not to close to top of the organizational pyramid) will want to know why you’re wasting so much time and organizational effort.

It kills me that someone left a comment on the SME post saying “Great post Marcus!” (Unless it was Marcus’ mother or wife, which is totally excusable). 

If  getting people in your company on board with social media is a challenge for you, I’d like to weigh in with my recommendations. Oops, make that recommendation, singular. Because as far as I’m concerned, you don’t need to do five things to get people on board. Just one. 

Do this one thing, and I guarantee you will begin to get people on board with social media. Ready? Here it is:

Produce measurable, bottom-line results. 

Bring in new customers, sell more to existing customers, reduce costs, reduce process cycle time. There are a lot of things that could fit the description of “measurable, bottom-line results.”

If you do this, I guarantee — GUARANTEE — you that people in your company will get on board with social media.

If, however, you wish to take the advice of Social Media Examiner, good luck. Let me know how it goes. On second thought, don’t.

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