How Many Wealthy Are On Web 2.0?

The Luxury Institute released a press release highlighting results of a recent online survey it did of 805 wealthy American consumers (average income $287k, average net worth $2.1 million). According to the study:

Wealthy consumer participation in online social networks dramatically increased to 60% in 2008, from 27% in 2007. Participation levels in leading social networks are: 16% for MySpace, 13% for LinkedIn, and 11% for Facebook. The wealthy average membership in 2.8 social networks.”

My take: Granted, the press release did not reveal any more statistics than those cited above, but I’m not quite sure how the number participating could be as high as 60% with the participation in leading social networks so low. In addition, based on the published numbers, it seems a little hard to believe that the average membership is nearly three social networks.

Unless, of course, participation in and is a lot more prevalent than I ever imagined.

[Note: Do NOT click on those sites. If you don’t know what those sites are, use your imagination. And for those of you who are wondering, the only reason I know about them is that while listening to the radio this morning, the DJ mentioned that the first firm listed took out a full page ad in today’s NY Post. The ad, an open letter to Eliot Spitzer, told him that if he used the site, he might not be having the problems he has today]

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