Gen Y Don't U Use That Cell Phone 2 Talk 2 Someone

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I came across a blog post recently that contained the following:

“My boss Gordon told me an interesting story. His 22-year-old son was having an issue with his bank, and didn’t know how to solve the problem. Gordon said, “Well, if you’re not getting an answer online, why don’t you drive over to the bank branch and talk to someone in person?” His son didn’t know where his bank was located—and didn’t even realize the bank even had physical locations. This response is very representative of Gen Y.”

My take: God help us. If Gen Yers really don’t know that their bank has branches, let alone where those branches are located, we’re doomed as a society.

I also can’t help but wonder if Gordon’s son knew that he could use his smartphone — which is what he might have been using to access his bank account online — to actually CALL the bank and talk to someone. It’s a real shame that some Gen Yers are using so little of the capabilities that their smartphones offer.

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