Five Things That [I Can Only Hope] Will Go Away By 2008

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1. Slapping a “2.0” label on everything. Seth Godin is already talking about Web 4.0. The rest of us need to catch up.

2. Manifestos. Seems like every blogger and their brother is writing one. Most are meaningless, poorly written, and just plain wrong.

3. Blog posts lauding Starbucks’ customer experience. Granted, they’re smart to invest in the customer experience instead of advertising. But you know what? The product is overpriced, the lines are too long, there are no comfy chairs available to lounge in, and the coffee isn’t that good. And even if all that weren’t true, do we really need another blogger telling us about Starbucks?

4. Blog tag. The only reason people read those posts was to see if they got tagged.

5. Re-blogging. You know what re-blogging is, right? When someone creates an entry in his or her blog that starts off with “So-and-so had a great entry on his blog….” and then proceeds to paste the entire entry into that post. Of course, if re-blogging did go away in 2008, so would 80% of the posts in the blogosphere.

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