Five Things Driving Me Nuts About Marketing And Social Media

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Recently caught up with @stephfierman, and not surprisingly, the conversation turned to marketing. We discovered that, among the many things that we agree on, there are a number of things driving the both of us crazy about marketing and social media these days:

5. Inspirational quotes. Do you walk around your office spouting inspirational quotes to your co-workers? Do you text inspirational quotes to your friends? Then why do you tweet inspirational messages to your Twitter followers? Here’s an inspirational quote for you: “STFU.” — Ron Shevlin

4. CMOs’ use of data. There appears to be no shortage of geniuses who feel the need to advise CMOs that they need to make better use of data. Duh. It’s mind-boggling to consider that these Einsteins think that their advice is original and helpful.

3. Infographics. Would you get up and sing in front of 10,000 people? Not likely, because you recognize that your ability isn’t good enough to perform at that level. This kind of thinking doesn’t stop amateurs from creating and disseminating the ugliest, most inane infographics this planet has ever seen. Creating a good infographic is an art and a skill. Way too many people are cluttering the world with their infocrappics.

2. Big Data. Listen up, Big Data Doofuses: Every example of a firm using data is not an example of Big Data. And going on and on about the “explosion” in unstructured data is getting old. True, the volume of unstructured data available is increasing exponentially. But it’s not like this data hasn’t existed before. And if firms haven’t been able to effectively utilize it in small quantitities, large volumes won’t magically become useful. Stop talking about the volume of data, and start talking about how to use it, and what to do about. If you can. Which I don’t think you can.

And the number one thing bugging me about marketing:

1. Social media ROI. If I hear one more idiot say “get over it, you can’t measure the ROI of social media” I’m going to commit a crime against humanity. On one hand, you can measure the ROI of social media, and on the other hand, the difficulty in measuring social media ROI is no more difficult than it is to measure the ROI of other marketing investments. What you can’t do is redefine the concept of ROI to suit your own little purposes.

Let me know if you’ve got any pet peeves to add to the list.

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