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Email marketing agency eROI surveyed 623 email marketers and found that 37% of email marketers don’t test their email marketing campaigns.

The reasons given for not testing were — if I may be blunt — pathetic.

Of the marketers who don’t run tests, the top two reasons for not testing were “I don’t know how” (cited by more than one-third of them) and “my campaign timeline is too short” (mentioned by more than one-quarter of this group).

Campaign timeline is too short? This is an admission of failure not just in testing campaigns, but in executing them in the first place. What are these marketers doing? Deciding to run Christmas campaigns on December 22nd? I’d understand if some campaigns face tight deadlines and see testing go by the wayside. But systemically across all campaigns? That’s inexcusable. And remember, we’re talking email campaigns here – not direct mail campaigns, which have more elaborate and time consuming production design and execution costs.

The number one reason is even more pitiful. What do you mean “you don’t know how to test”? You mean to tell me that there wasn’t a single person in any of those 230 firms who could have Googled “how to conduct an email marketing test” and clicked on one of the 36,900,000 links that show up?

I mean, really, what does it take to write up two different subject lines and/or two versions of the email content , send out the emails to a sample of the list, and see which approach gets the best response before rolling out the best one to the rest of the list?

Some interesting stuff in the study.

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