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When I started this blog, I vowed that I would not be a: 1) Regurgiblogger (whose posts typically read “Seth had a great post today….” followed by Seth’s entire post), or 2) Linklobber (whose entries, 9 out of 10 times, are nothing but “here are today’s links….” ).

So it’s with some reluctance that I say: Here are today’s links…

Marketing Charts. For data geeks like myself, this isn’t exactly heaven, but it’s still pretty cool. Fundamentally, it’s a site with free downloadable marketing charts and Excel spreadsheets that come from a number of sources. Data is categorized by media (TV, print, direct, interactive, etc.) and by a whole slew of topics (e.g., branding, behavioral marketing, measurement/analytics, etc.) which makes it really easy to find stuff.

DemandGen Report. Don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for good marketing-related material — especially the stuff that deals with the real issues marketers have, not just social networking or branding. This new magazine is the brainchild of Andrew Gaffney, whose brother John is an Executive Editor of 1:1 magazine (which is how I got introduced to Andrew). In just the first issue, the magazine already has some great articles and white papers.

NetBanker’s July 27 26th post. Why that one? Because I wrote it. Jim Bruene let me guest blog on his site. I can’t begin to tell you (or him) how thankful I am for that — his readership is 100x my readership. (Slight correction — although the entry didn’t hit the site until the 27th, because I sent it to Jim on the 26th, that’s the date of the entry on NetBanker. Management regrets the error).

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