Bank Mascots

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The Financial Brand’s recent article on TD Bank’s new mascot raised two questions in my mind:

  1. What the hell were they thinking?
  2. What the hell did they pay somebody to come up with that?

I hope they didn’t pay a lot, because I’m happy to give that kind of advice away for free. So I’ve picked four lucky banks for whom I will make mascot recommendations:

PNC: PiNCh the Lobster

Image of the PNC Bank mascot: PiNCH the Lobster

Bank of New York: Boney the Skeleton

Image of the Bank of New York mascot: Boney the Skeleton

Flushing Savings Bank: Tommy the Toilet

Image of the Flushing Savings Bank mascot: Tommy the Toilet

Bank of Kremlin Okla.: Nikita the Dictator

Image of the Bank of Kremlin Okla mascot: Nikita the Dictator

Just saved some banks a ton of dough, didn’t I?

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