Anybody For A PFM Summit?

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Some people are really good at organizing things, events, and people. About the only thing I can organize are my thoughts.

So I’m really hoping I can convince somebody (or organization) to organize a PFM Summit.

Not a conference, not a Finovate-style demo format, and not a free-form BarCamp.

A summit. A meeting of the minds about where PFM is, the impact it’s having (and not having). And where it’s going.

I want the leading PFM providers to pay for it — Geezeo, Money Desktop, Yodlee, Strands (to name just a few — I don’t want any heat for leaving anybody off the list).

And I don’t expect to be the only analyst there. The sponsorship money has to cover getting Jegher, Cohen, and Schwanhauser there, too.

If we can’t get 100 well-qualified, relatively seniorish-level execs from FIs to show up, then there is no there there regarding PFM.

I’m not 100% clear on what the format would be, but I’d like to see it include:

1) An analyst debate. In a recent Google+ hangout about PFM organized by the National Consumer League, Schwanhauser and I expressed some clearly conflicting views about PFM. Would like to continue and expand that conversation, and include the other analysts.

2) Vendor interrogations. Don’t get me wrong — I love the Finovate format.  But it leaves no room for a critical questioning of the vendor. And just giving them more time on a stage is a waste of time (sorry guys). Somebody (and I would propose those somebodies would be me and my fellow industry analysts) needs to sit down with these vendors and ferret out what’s real, what’s vaporware, and most importantly, what’re really working well and not working well in the world of PFM.

So, how about it Bruene? You’re really good at organizing this kind of thing. How about adding a PFM Summit to your list of events?

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