Announcing A New Social Network: DOODs

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Yo, doods! Got a question for you: What makes for a great social network?

Answer: A manageable, meaningful group of people with a set of shared experiences that helps to create an emotional bond among the network’s participants.

A good social network can’t be too small, nor can it include everyone under the sun. And while a bunch of people brush their teeth everyday, that act isn’t exactly conducive to creating an emotional bond among the people who do it.

I tell you this by way of introducing a new social network on It’s called:

DOODs: Dads Of Only Daughters

While plenty of guys are dads, not all have only daughters. And those of us who do share some common feelings and experiences:

  1. Our minds are controlled by a force 1000 times greater than the forces of gravity and nature.
  2. We deal — daily — with a level of irrational thought and behavior that tests our sanity.
  3. We wouldn’t trade what we have for anything in the world.

What about the moms of only daughters? Well, they can go create their own social network: MOODs. (Members of this group will be the MOODYs, and I’m sure there will be good moods and bad moods).

So, if you qualify, please join this new network and become a DOOD.

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