A Return To Mass Marketing?

The title of this article in DM News caught my attention. A study conducted by Meredith Corp. found that:

Gamma women [are] everyday women with a large circle of friends who enjoy freely sharing information within their social networks using multiple media. Though many marketers have yet to tailor their messaging to Gamma women, this segment — estimated at 55 million — has inspired a small crop of new companies over the past few years. The Gamma woman is at the center of her friends, and wants to be in the know, share infor­mation and be an educated consumer,” says Aliza Freud, founder and CEO of SheSpeaks. “When brands engage these consumers, it builds goodwill and helps companies gain tremendous insight.”

My take: This sets 1:1 marketing back by ten years.

Raise your hands, ladies, if you don’t want “to be in the know, share information, and be an educated consumer.” Exactly, I didn’t think any of you were raising your hands. According to the US Census Bureau, there are approximately 89 million women between the ages of 18 and 65 in the US. Therefore, Gamma women account for 62% of all women between 18 and 65!

What’s bothering me — in addition to this apparent blow to the concepts of micro-segmenting and one-to-one marketing — is that I, too would like to be “at the center of my friends (if I had any), to be in the know, share information, and be an educated consumer.” I guess that makes me a Gamma woman. I think I’m going to need therapy.


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