A Message For Marketers Looking To Help With Earthquake Relief Efforts

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I got an email this morning from Hilton Honors letting me know that I could redeem points for a charitable contribution to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to help earthquake victims in Haiti.

On one hand, it’s a great idea to let people use their rewards points to help charitable causes.

But on the other hand….

….The email notified me that 10,000 of my points would result in a $25 contribution to the above named charities.

So much for the great idea.

Ten thousand points is almost enough to get me a free night’s stay at a Hilton Hotel. If we assume I need 15,000 points and that a hotel room goes for $150, then — to me — those 10,000 points are worth about $100.

So what — as a Hilton customer — am I left to believe here?

Simply that Hilton is more concerned in finding cheap ways to burn up their rewards liabilities than it is in helping the people of Haiti.

Marketers looking to participate in relief better make damn sure their motivations are in the right place.

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