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Fighting Fraud has Become a CX Differentiator

Payment fraud is becoming exponentially more prominent, and customers are getting worried. Sardine's Simon Taylor and Soups Ranjan talks through the steps banks need to take next.

An Innovation Mindset is Needed in Payments

Consumers are growing more fond of digital wallets and instant payments, BNPL and cryptocurrency as primary payment solutions. The financial institutions providing payments tech need to up their game, says i2c's head of product development for lending, Dan Hanks.

5 Payment Trends to Watch in 2023d

Big shifts in the payments space — crucial to banks — include a major P2P payment move by Amazon and a bigger role for debit cards.

FedNow: The Future of Instant Payments

FedNow is coming closer to completion, and it'll allow financial institutions of all sizes to provide safe and effective payment solutions to customers. Here's what it'll look like says FedNow business executive at the Federal Reserve Financial Services Nick Stanescu.