Top 16 Most Popular Articles of 2016

Here are the top 16 articles published on The Financial Brand in 2016 that reveal what concerned banks and credit unions most in the past year.

1_banking_trends1. The 10 Biggest Retail Banking Trends and Predictions for 2017

This annual forecast of the major trends in banking features insights from a crowdsourced panel of 100 global financial services leaders and industry analysts.

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2_threats_risks2. What Are the Biggest Threats and Priorities Facing Banks and Credit Unions?

This study highlights the greatest risks, challenges and areas of opportunity for banks and credit unions in the near future.

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3_marketing_trends3. 10 Marketing Trends The Banking Industry Can’t Ignore

The top 10 marketing trends that are changing banking forever — from big data and personalization, to social media and content marketing.

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4_branch_design4. Retail Banking Branch Design Showcase – Spring 2016

A massive gallery with 50+ photos of branch concepts from around the world — ideas and inspiration you can use to shape your branch experience.

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5_brand_identity_design5. Nine of the Most Beautiful Brand Identities in Banking

Here are nine financial institutions with gorgeous brand identities that convey the tech-savvy image needed to compete in the Digital Age.

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6_fintech_partnerships6. Banking vs. Fintech: A Business Case for ‘Coopetition’

For traditional banking providers and fintech firms to succeed, the future will most likely hinge on new business models… and a spirit of partnership.

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7_strategic_priorities7. 10 Strategic Priorities for Banks and Credit Unions in 2017

Improving the customer experience, using advanced analytics and reducing costs are among the top three strategic priorities for banking providers in 2017.

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8_retail_banking_20208. Retail Banking 2020: Evolution or Revolution?

Financial institutions must radically innovate and transform to ensure success in the next decade. Banks and credit unions need to get ahead of these challenges before it’s too late.

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9_ux_design_trends9. 10 User Experience (UX) Design Trends for Banking in 2017

User experience design in banking in 2017 will require a new vision, new talent and a new way to view omnichannel banking interactions.

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10_invisible_bank10. The Invisible Bank of the Future

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and activated by voice, virtual banking assistants can become an integral part of our daily lives.

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11_website_design11. 35 Innovative and Inspirational Website Designs in Banking

Ten years ago, most banking websites were pretty ugly. How times have changed. Both the visual aesthetic and the user experience have improved big time.

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millennial_insights12. Inside the Mind of Millennials: What Financial Marketers Need to Know

As the technologically savvy, digitally centered, social media generation comes of age, it is absolutely essential you understand how to engage them.

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13_radius_bank13. How One Community Bank Closed Its Branches And Went Fully Digital

A few years ago, Radius Bank had six branches. Today it has only one. How did they pull off this massive transition to an all-digital model?

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14_banking_platformification14. The Platformification of Banking

Banks that become a platform will create new revenue streams, diversification against downturns in core businesses, and a new type of consumer relationship.

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15_branch_design15. Retail Banking Branch Design Showcase – Fall 2016

Check out this huge gallery with more than 65 photos of a dozen different retail branch concepts from around the world.

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16_mobile_banking_apps16. 19 Awesome Mobile Banking Apps From Banks and Credit Unions

Here are 19 features that make a mobile banking app great, along with 19 examples of banks and credit unions that have deployed them.

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