120+ PowerPoint Infographics For Financial Marketing Presentations

Have a speech coming up? Need to make a presentation to an internal bank or credit union team? Then this downloadable collection of 120+ different charts and graphs published at The Financial Brand should help.

Every year, The Financial Brand creates hundreds of charts and graphs for inclusion in articles published here. More than one hundred of the best from the last 12 months have been crammed into one giant downloadable “Master Pack” file. This should make it much easier for you to build your marketing PowerPoint presentations this year, saving you the hassle of tracking down “that bar chart you saw one day in a story on The Financial Brand.” Here’s a list with all the different infographics, and you can see of preview of all 120+ files below. Enjoy!


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Growth & Performance – 8 files

  • Subscribe TodayCustomer Acquisition By Bank Size
  • Customer Defections By Bank Size
  • Deposit Growth By State
  • US Deposit Growth
  • Deposits Per Branch – Top 30 US Markets
  • Deposits Per Household – Top 30 US Markets
  • Checking & Loan Growth for High Performing FIs
  • Checking & Loan Growth Forecast for High Performing FIs

Switching – 8 files

  • Consumer Likelihood to Switch Banks
  • Consumer Likelihood to Switch From a Big Bank
  • Consumer Preferences When Switching Checking Accounts
  • Consumer Reasons for Switching Banks
  • Reasons Consumers Switch Banks
  • Consumer Reasons for Not Switching Banks
  • Consumer Likelihood to Switch After a Merger
  • Reasons Why Consumers Switch After a Merger

bank_credit_union_infographics_volume_1Branches & Delivery Channels – 18 files

  • Channel Utilization
  • Channel Usage By Consumer Segment
  • Self-Service Channel Utilization
  • Opening Branches vs. Closing Branches Next Year
  • Branching Activity in the United States
  • Forecast for Size of US Branch Network
  • Branches Added By Credit Unions
  • Consumer Frequency of Branch Visits
  • Perceptions of Branch Convenience vs. Actual Utilization
  • Branch Density: Households Per Branch
  • Planned Changes to Branch Designs
  • Branch Growth Relative to Credit Union Asset Growth
  • Branch Growth Relative to Credit Union Member Growth
  • Consumer Importance of Branch Proximity
  • Consumer Perceptions of Branch & ATM Convenience
  • Consumer Demand for ATMs
  • Average ATM Fee Charges
  • Adoption of Video Conferencing Technologies in Retail Banking

Checking Accounts – 15 files

  • Average Monthly Checking Account Fees
  • US Households By Type of Checking Relationship
  • Consumer Perceptions of Costs to Provide Checking Accounts
  • Consumer Preferences for Different Checking Fee Models
  • Consumer Preferences for Account Notifications
  • Consumer Preferences for Checking Account Balances
  • Consumer Reaction to a Possible $5 Increase in Checking Fees
  • Percentage of Financial Institutions Offering Free Checking 2003-2012
  • Decline in Use of Physical Checks
  • % of Consumers Incurring Overdrafts
  • Distribution of Overdrafts by Age
  • Distribution of Overdrafts by Income
  • Consumer Overdraft Opt-In Rate
  • Consumer Feelings About Overdrafts
  • Consumer Perceptions of Overdraft Practices

Online & Mobile – 15 files

  • Online Marketing Channels Used By Banks & Credit Unions
  • Online Account Openings By Product Type
  • Adoption of Emerging Online Banking Capabilities
  • Consumer Utilization of Online Banking By Type of Financial Institution
  • Mobile Banking Activities Consumers Performed Last Year
  • Consumers Reasons for Using Mobile Banking
  • Consumer Utilization of Mobile Banking By Age Group
  • % of Consumers Who Have Considered Deleting Their Mobile Banking App
  • Mobile Banking Features Offered (By Asset Size)
  • Mobile Banking Features Most Desired By Consumers
  • Consumer Interest in Mobile Photo Bill Pay
  • Penetration of Remote Deposit Capture in The Banking Industry
  • Consumer Utilization and Frequency of Mobile Banking
  • Consumer Interest in Tablet Banking Services
  • Impact of Gamification on Online Banking

Product Marketing – 10 files

  • Average Auto Loan Amount Financed
  • New vs. Used Auto Loan Rates
  • % of New vs. Used Auto Loans
  • Auto Loan Credit Score Trends
  • Prime vs. Subprime Auto Loan Risk Distribution
  • Top 20 Auto Lenders Market Share & Growth
  • Average Yield on Interest Bearing Accounts
  • Changes in Credit Card Rates, Fees & Rewards
  • Product Marketing Priorities for High Performing Financial Institutions
  • Segmenting Consumers in Deposit Pricing & Cross-Sell Scenarios

Gen-Y – 6 files

  • Gen-Y Banking Frustrations
  • Gen-Y Distribution of Debts by Type
  • Gen-Y Financial Lifestyle Choices
  • The Desperate Things Gen-Y Has Done For Money
  • The Gamification of Banking for Gen-Y
  • Population Distribution of Gen-Y

Social Media – 8 files

  • Social Media Channel Utilization in the Retail Banking Industry
  • Social Media Strategies in The Banking Industry
  • Hours Financial Marketers Spend Managing Social Media
  • Number of Social Media Mentions Seen By Financial Institutions Monthly
  • Utilization of Social Media Monitoring in the Financial Industry
  • New Follower Growth for Banks on Twitter
  • Duration of Abandoned Bank Twitter Accounts
  • Distribution of Years Banks Adopted Twitter

Underbanked & Unbanked – 5 files

  • Banking Status of US Households
  • Unbanked Households By State
  • Underbanked Households By State
  • Unbanked vs. Superbanked
  • The Demographics of the Unbanked vs. Superbanked

Marketing Analytics – 8 files

  • Marketing Metrics Used By Banks & Credit Unions
  • Big Data Defined
  • Executives’ Definitions of Big Data
  • The Data Analytics Models of High Performers
  • Growth Predictions Among Users of Net Promoter Score
  • Checking & Loan Growth Among Users of Net Promoter Score
  • Two other graphs on Net Promoter Scores

General Consumer/Industry Data – 18 files

  • 2013 Change in Marketing Budgets for Retail Financial Institutions
  • Number of Fulltime Marketing Employees at Banks & Credit Unions
  • Average Length of Relationship By Type of Financial Provider
  • Median Total Debt Per Household
  • How High Performing Financial Institutions Manage Their Brands
  • Size of the Credit Union System 2007-2032
  • Consumer Trust in Financial Institutions
  • Consumer Trust in Banks & Credit Unions
  • Consumer Trust in Banks – US, UK
  • Consumer Trust By Industry
  • Customer Advocacy in Banking By Country
  • Customer Advocacy in Banking – China, India, US, UK
  • Consumer Perceptions About Banks’ Ease of Use
  • Consumer Perceptions About Account Clarity in Banking
  • Consumer Perceptions About How Helpful Banks Are
  • Utilization of Marketing Vendors in the Banking Industry
  • Asset & Membership Losses of Credit Unions Under $100 Million
  • What Is Gamification
  • Consumer Satisfaction With Canadian Banks




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