15 of the Best Facebook Pages in Banking to Watch

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11. SunTrust

Facebook Page: suntrust
Likes: 23,729
Talking About: 188
Apps & Widgets: 5

SunTrust’s Facebook page is beautifully branded and doesn’t really feel like a profile for a bank at all. The hand-rendered lettering gives their page a personal touch. Tabs with labels like”Shinify” and “House Rules” convey a casual personality that’s refreshing for a financial institution.


12. Barclays UK

Facebook Page: BarclaysUK
Likes: 387,150
Talking About: 17,158
Apps & Widgets: 6

Barclays UK consistently adds ‘Likes’ and sustains a high engagement rate with its Facebook fans, often achieved by tapping people’s passions for the many different sports the bank officially sponsors. By using sports as an affinity marketing strategy to lure fans in, Barclays can then weave in the occasional product promotion with greater effect.


13. BECU

Facebook Page: becu
Likes: 18,025
Talking About: 365
Apps & Widgets: 7

BECU’s Facebook page is built mostly to engage the communities the credit union serves, and it does a good job at it. There is a definite focus on charitable, philanthropic and volunteer initiatives. They post photos of members and various events often.


14. HDFC Bank

Facebook Page: HDFC.bank
Likes: 1,728,847
Talking About: 14,984
Apps & Widgets: 10

HFDC is an Indian bank unafraid to tout its products and services on its Facebook page. They promote auto loans, a car buying service and mobile banking in their app/widget dashboard. They also have interesting offers unrelated to financial services — discounts on Sony cameras and coupons for Chinese food restaurants.


15. Axis Bank

Facebook Page: axisbank
Likes: 1,647,771
Talking About: 28,302
Apps & Widgets: 12

Axis Bank in India uses its Facebook page for maximum marketing purposes. They have apps/widgets for a youth card, mobile banking, Axis SpeedPay and investments. They offer customer support through Facebook, and provide a service for buying movie tickets. If you really want to have your mind blown, check out their “My Face, My Traits” facial analysis app.


Facebook Pages 1-5 Facebook Pages 6-10

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