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Article Image: Internal Marketing: Aligning Strategy and CX

Internal Marketing: Aligning Strategy and CX

How can financial brands demonstrate empathy and foster the human-to-human connection that are now more critical than they ever have been before? Through their employees. It’s imperative that both customer-facing representatives and back-office staff are aligned with your organization’s vision, mission and brand promise, so they can deliver a consistent experience and advocate your brand […]

Article Image: Building Banking Brands That Accelerate Growth

Building Banking Brands That Accelerate Growth

Digital transformation is inarguably critical to every financial institution’s future. But equally important is how banks and credit unions transform their brands during this period of massive technological change. Crafting the right brand strategy will be foundational to success, allowing you to rise above the din of digital commodification with a powerful platform for hyper-effective […]

Article Image: The Branding Power of Internal Culture

The Branding Power of Internal Culture

Card conversion shouldn’t be a scary thing. The key is communication. Vibrant Credit Union  recently underwent a card conversion that impacted all of our members and their over 50,000 cards. Thanks to a robust and comprehensive communication plan we did this with no issue. This session will give you tangible step by step guide including […]

Article Image: Brand Identity Makeover

Brand Identity Makeover

How do financial brands connect with today’s consumer? What are the best practices for consistently delivering a branded experience? And when should a financial institution invest in a rebranding initiative? In this session, one retail bank or credit union will go through a 360° rebranding process live on stage. Take a first-hand look at how […]

Article Image: Four Steps to Sharpen Your Brand’s Focus

Four Steps to Sharpen Your Brand’s Focus

Financial institutions look to new products, services, and technologies to build stronger relationships with consumers, but continue losing market share to a growing surge of fintechs. In this session, explore the importance of culture in the competitiveness of any financial brand. This presentation highlights the steps your organization must take to shift its focus from […]

Article Image: The 4 Pillars of Successful Brand Campaigns

The 4 Pillars of Successful Brand Campaigns

Maintaining a multi-channel brand presence does more than generate top-of-mind name awareness. Effective integrated brand-building campaigns heighten interest in additional products, making cross-selling easier so you can deepen relationships. Furthermore, brand campaigns can help foster the kind of genuine customer advocacy that stimulates greater engagement and triggers more word-of-mouth conversations. Ultimately, brand campaigns help ensure […]

Article Image: Branding Lessons from Disney

Branding Lessons from Disney

Learn how Disney continues to capture and inspire the hearts and minds of thousands of employees around the globe through an unwavering devotion to the core values established by Walt Disney himself. Learn the secrets behind Disney’s employee development, and how they reinforce their organizational values, culture and brand on a daily basis.

Article Image: Brand Strategy: Culture, Purpose & Loyalty

Brand Strategy: Culture, Purpose & Loyalty

Hear from Strum Agency’s Creative Director, Josh Streufert and VP Client Services Karen McGaughey as they explore the importance of branding in today’s shifting world — as well as the steps needed to ensure that your brand is poised to adapt to changing consumer needs and expectations. You’ll also hear from a credit union thought-leader, […]

10 Branding Lessons from Barbara Corcoran

Branding may be the single most important key to success in today’s highly competitive world of commerce. Barbara Corcoran is known for having built the most successful real estate brand in New York City, and now she reveals easy to follow tips on how she does it: how to create an image much bigger than […]

Lessons from Steve Jobs

If anyone knows how to build a breakthrough brand, it’s Guy Kawasaki. He has served as a strategic advisor to Google, and Chief Evangelist at Apple. He is also the author of The Art of Social Media, The Art of the Start, Enchantment, and ten other books. As one of the first employees to work […]