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Article Image: The Fintech Effect & Digital Disruption

The Fintech Effect & Digital Disruption

Consumers are no longer loyal to traditional banking providers, and nimble competitors are rushing in to capitalize on this weakness. With millions of users, digital innovators like Venmo, Square, and PayPal are redefining banking experiences and changing the way consumers shop for and acquire financial services. This session will explore the intersection of mobile UX […]

Article Image: Innovation & Personalization to Scale Growth

Innovation & Personalization to Scale Growth

Digitally savvy consumers expect personalized experiences that anticipate their needs and offer what they’re looking for — in some cases, before they even know what it is they want. Learn new approaches and how new technologies can help get you more personal, authentic and engaging in the moment.

Article Image: Experience Design: Disruptive Innovation

Experience Design: Disruptive Innovation

Brian Solis explores the competitive advantages of disruption in banking — a world where modest iterations give way to giant innovative leaps forward, and experience design drives the future of financial services.

Article Image: Unleashing Robotic Automation for Growth

Unleashing Robotic Automation for Growth

With artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and machine learning, traditional financial institutions are building new robo-tools that slash costs and improve the banking experience. Working alongside employees, robo-solutions can extend the creative problem-solving capabilities and productivity of human beings and deliver superior business results. Learn how these new tools can save manpower by ascribing human intuition […]

Article Image: Innovating to Create Tangible Business Value

Innovating to Create Tangible Business Value

Many of the biggest and best ideas around Citizens Bank of Edmond don’t come from the boardroom. They come from food trucks, coffee shops and social media. With a marketing budget of less than $80,000, Citizens Bank of Edmond has found the secret sauce when it comes to leveraging the digital world and building a […]

Article Image: Lessons from the Death of Kodak

Lessons from the Death of Kodak

Marketing has never been more complicated, leaving many puzzled how to best position and grow their brands. For instance, Kodak’s failure to innovate and make the shift to digital brought down one of the world’s biggest brands. Hayzlett will show you how to avoid these mistakes, and the marketing changes you must make to ensure […]

Article Image: Crush It!

Crush It!

Everything has changed. The social media revolution has irreversibly changed the way people live their lives and conduct business. Billions of advertising dollars are moving online, while consumers gravitate to whoever can build the best content and most vibrant communities. Despite this tidal wave of change, most financial institutions continue to ignore the major marketing […]