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Article Image: Crush It!

Crush It!

Everything has changed. The social media revolution has irreversibly changed the way people live their lives and conduct business. Billions of advertising dollars are moving online, while consumers gravitate to whoever can build the best content and most vibrant communities. Despite this tidal wave of change, most financial institutions continue to ignore the major marketing […]

Article Image: Lessons from Steve Jobs

Lessons from Steve Jobs

If anyone knows how to build a breakthrough brand, it’s Guy Kawasaki. He has served as a strategic advisor to Google, and Chief Evangelist at Apple. He is also the author of The Art of Social Media, The Art of the Start, Enchantment, and ten other books. As one of the first employees to work […]

Article Image: The Umpqua Bank Strategy: CX + Innovation

The Umpqua Bank Strategy: CX + Innovation

Financial institutions around the world are wrestling with their retail strategy — what should the “branch of the future” look like? But in this provocative talk, Delorier shares why focusing on branches is an obsolete strategy, and why a radical focus on the customer’s relationship with their money is key to innovations that add real […]

Article Image: Strategic Disruption and Brand Differentiation

Strategic Disruption and Brand Differentiation

What does soap have to do with banking? More than you might think. In a study of 75 product categories, banks were among the least differentiated, while 100% of soap brands have successfully differentiated themselves. Banking is one of the most commoditized industries around — everyone says and sells the same things. That’s why the […]

Article Image: How to Innovate Like Google

How to Innovate Like Google

Borrowing from the worlds of advertising, product development, technology, neuroscience and anthropology, Abigail will show you how to tap your innate sense of creativity. She will shine her unique, humanistic lens on culture, business and technology to bring fresh perspective to corporate culture, product development, branding and marketing.

Article Image: The Invisible Forces That Shape Consumer Behavior

The Invisible Forces That Shape Consumer Behavior

Best-selling author and Wharton School Professor of Marketing, Jonah Berger, explores the forces that secretly control the choices we make every day. Dr. Berger will blend business strategy, human psychology and social science to remove the cloak of invisibility from the external forces influencing people’s decisions, equipping you with practical tools to shape consumer choices […]

Article Image: How to Thrive in the Expression Economy

How to Thrive in the Expression Economy

Your competition isn’t the enemy. It’s getting people’s time and attention. Consumers can now fill their entire day with content about their hobbies, passions and interests. And that’s a big problem for marketers. Why? Because your customers are more creative than you are. It’s true. They’re more innovative. They’re more authentic. They can even be […]